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Design * Fittings * Organization of events * Wedding Advertising Graphics * Photo & Video Services * DJ SET

Design * Fittings * Organization Events * Wedding * Advertising Graphics * Photo & Video Services * DJ SET
Our experience and professionalism, combined with style and elegance and a lot of passion, will give the result of a unique and unforgettable service for you.

We can offer you a wide range of services, from the Study, to the Design, to the Preparation and Realization in every aspect.

Attention and research for the quality of services, materials, organizational aspects, style and elegance in creating spaces to enhance unique and unforgettable moments, in exclusive contexts and full of charm.

We work together to develop various solutions, studies for every need, request and different budgets.


Brughal Home

Brughal design the brand was born in Verona Italy in 2005, by the entrepreneur artist and designer Maria Gabriella Brugaletta, with the collaboration and partnership of Art Galleries, Antiques, Artists, Companies, Studies and Professionals in Architecture and Design and Craftsmen. It also collaborates with public bodies, associations and commercial activities.

Brughal design & art gallery designs installations, stands, furniture and design solutions, advertising graphics, organizes art exhibitions, cultural events, weddings, business meetings and information, online exhibitions, art news events, art criticism, reviews, sales account, e-commerce, websites, advertising, catalogs and publications.

Brughal design & art gallery advertises and promotes, proposals from various eras, in the field of antiques, modern art and design, in the field of art, with proposals from national and international artists and Italian and international painting, ancient, modern and avant-garde, antiques of works of art, furniture, furniture and design, modern and contemporary.

The Gallery organizes events and exhibitions in large exhibition venues in the historic center, hotels, palaces and old houses, fairs, gardens and locations. In addition to exhibitions, there are also events and fairs with commercial implications, important cultural initiatives, copyright criticism from important and well-known experts in the field of art, artistic publications, organization of exhibitions, weddings, collaborations, consultations and reviews.

The Gallery also carries out a consulting activity for collectors, aimed at investing in works of art, selecting from the market, the most interesting paintings, both to the formation of important collections, providing their experience and their cultural background and knowledge.

Brughal design & art gallery also carries out an activity of collaboration with Academies and schools of Art, Artists, Craftsmen, Art Shops, Antiques and Modern and Contemporary Design; periodically, events, meetings and art courses are held.

Brughal design offers a series of services for companies. Thanks to the continuous relationship with the designers and professionals hosted in the coworking and with the patners who continuously explore the new dynamics of the sector, Brughal design is able to offer these solutions. Let’s see which ones:

Communication and marketing

– Marketing services that integrate branding and communication projects with a careful supervision of graphic design and project implementation.

– A room for photographic and video services, with the support of professional photographers and cameramen who are an integral part of the coworker community of the Brughal design space.

– Creative support and research and development in the management of the offer system: products, services, sales support tools (sites, apps, catalogs, price lists)

– Space for events, training, meetings available to studios and companies that want to experience the innovative context and the exceptional atmosphere of a place between creative and production


– Strategic analysis services and business model definition thanks to the collaboration with professionals able to support the company management in business development

Research and development

– Possibility of developing corporate research projects

– Tutoring of company internships in a context of research and experimentation

Designers & Artists


– Art and design workshops

– Private and shared offices

Material Supplies

– Materials – accessories and technical support

Representation and Promotion

– Events Space

– Meeting Room

Communication and Marketing

– Strategic marketing

– Communication

– Shooting room pose

– Promotion, Events

Consulting and Tutoring

– Design support

– Business development, distribution and supply plans