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  • Fairs & Exhibitions market
  • Open Space Cultural & Artistic Events
  • Conferences & Conferences
  • Structure – Green Pagode Furniture
  • Interior Design & Furnishing
  • Show-rooms – Fashion shows – Events
  • Exhibition Spaces & Stands
  • Art Exhibitions & Advertising

Design and organization of stands, furniture and design solutions, advertising graphics, organizes art exhibitions, cultural events, business meetings and information, online exhibitions, art news events, art criticism, reviews, sales account, e-commerce, websites, advertising, catalogs and publications.

Organization of events and exhibitions, in large exhibition venues in the historic center, hotels, palaces and old houses, fairs, gardens and locations. In addition to exhibitions, there are also events and fairs with commercial implications, important cultural initiatives, copyright criticism from important and well-known experts in the field of art, artistic publications, organization of exhibitions, weddings, collaborations, consultations and reviews.